Coming from the United Kingdom, the music scene is heavily influenced with so much talent and some may not see the light of day. But not this singer! The Norfolk based artist creates an alluring sound with vocals that raise the bar for pop acts!

The new record “All Night” was written and produced by Solangee Raskette, as her latest single release and newest edition to her catalog of music. Raskette’s versatility and open approach allows her to continuously develop her craft and work within a broad range of musical genres.

Her performances and creative output encapsulate her passion for her art, something that is clear to all that meet her and know her music.

Solangee is in the studio currently working on her debut album set to release in the near future and currently working “All Night” at local UK radio stations. The song debut on Cardiff local station, 97.8 fm during a mix show, giving it the momentum to be a successful single.

We worked with Solangee , now Solangee Raskette to build her music career with her release of single ” All Night”.

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