Relli Rok Omega

Coming from streets to his own deal with The Orchard and Sony Music Entertainment, Relli Rok has changed his ways and is ready to teach the youth to a better way. “Getting On” is he latest record released by the west coast mc, penning how he went from the struggle to getting on with his music and career. He prides himself on creating lyrics without the use of profanity, to give young listeners and parents a more adaptable way of hearing hip hop music.

Starting out as a back up singer, later an actor, Relli Rok Omega, continues to take a better course since his release from jail. Since being acquitted of his charges, Omega made a vow to make the necessary changes in life to never go back to the lifestyle many fall slain to. His new record embodies the true meaning of going from the bottom and rising to the top.

We worked with Relli Rok Omega, to restart his career in the entertainment industry!

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