Em Soto

Learning most of his life lessons from his grandmother who raised him, Brooklyn born Miguel Soto, Em-Soto is an up and coming Hip Hop artist with an appetite for success and a CEO state of mind. Developing a love for poetry and writing, he was influenced to tailor his writing to the Hip Hop style due to the popularity of Hip Hop amongst his peers

Growing up Em-Soto listened to artist such as Jay-Z, Nas, Notorious B.I.G, A.Z., and other artists from that era. Being more involved in sports, Em would still dedicate time to writing. After high school and a semester of college, he decided to enlist in the military where he would go on a hiatus from writing music. After coming out of the military, Em decided to pick back up on his writing skills and took a more serious approach to his music by enrolling in a music production and audio recording program at a local college.

We successfully branded “Drift & Swerve” upon its release and garnered new fans for the New York bred artist.


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